News: BayMOO's Birthday

Author: Ringer
Last Update: Thursday, August 17 1995

Here is the official list of things happening on BayMOO's Birthday, August 18th 1995:
10:30 AM PST (1:30 EST):
- Goo-minoe's Pizza party during the day (for those not able to attend the night's party)
12:30 - 2:30 PST (3:30 - 5:30 EST):
The partying (from Goo-minoes) continues at Puddle-Jumper Pond! hosted by the one and only Boots.
- One hour at the improv....there's lots of cool things to do here!

7PM PST (10pm EST):
- Hotel Ballroom's big dance/party (complete with cake, drinks, and new dance
Some things that will be going on all day:
Shadow_Ram's BayMOO Bus will be touring many of BayMOO's interesting places. Just @go #81 and wait till the bus arrives, the enter it and enjoy the ride!
The ferry will be running from the Hotel California Dock to the Metrocenter dock. Please check out these two cool places, and meet Cap'n Crunch on the ferry!
Check out herb's awesome game room (#5085). Test your knowledge in tic tac toe, towers of hanoi and several others!
Be on the look out for the big happy birthday message for Baymoo! This surprise message will be displayed hourly.
Test your puzzle solving skills and attempt to enter the Puzzlemaster's Tower of Sorcery! @go #4805 and try the lock. Good luck!