News: Tutorials

Author: Ringer
Last Update: Friday, October 6 1995

This is to remind folks that there area a set of tutorial modules available for your use. You might want to check them out, before asking other folks for help.
You can type: @go to get to any of them.

Introduction to BayMOO (#4072)
1. Manners.
2. Commands.
3. Theme of BayMOO.
4. Policies.

Basic MOOing (#8832)
1. Communications.
2. Screen Control.
3. Objects.
4. Moving.
5. MOOMail.

MOO Building (#14061)
1. MOOeditors.
2. First building.

If anyone would like to add to this set of modules, or has anyother ideas for tutorials on any subject, please contact me.
You can @go Tutorial Center to see a full list of existing modules.