News: What to do about Quota

Author: Ringer
Last Update: Saturday, October 7 1995

QUOTA: Where it goes, and how to keep it.
First of all, you can get a good view of how big you and your objects are in several different ways.

There is one verb that will supply you with much information about your size, and the size of your objects. It is @measure. It has four different options.

@measure object
This will give you the size of one object.

@measure summary [player]
This will give you the total size of a player.

@measure new [player]
This will tell you the size of new objects. Once you have 3 new objects that are not measured, you will not be allowed to @create or @dig any more.
You need to type @measure new get those items measured and added into your total ownership.

@measure breakdown
This allows you to see the size of all the properties and verbs that are on yourself or an object.
Type @measure breakdown me for example to get the size of properties on you. You can either have the output moo mailed to yourself, or displayed on the screen.

Some properties to look at are:
messages contains your moo mail.
You can use @rmmail to remove messages.
You can use @mailme to send them to your registered email address.

morphs contains morphing stuff, if you have such a player class

help_msg Some player classes might have made this property +c.
If you show help_msg, you can always type @setprop me.help_msg to {}

One other verb @audit-weight, @aw will sort all of your owned objects by size, and list them for you. Try @aw me to see your list.

If you own a gopher or a web slate, make sure that you have used the reset verb to empty out its properties.

I hope this gives you some help managing your quota.