News: Moving Guests

Author: Ringer
Last Update: Friday, October 13 1995

There seems to be a number of people who have decided that they feel free to move guests. This behavior is not in keeping with BayMOOs Rule of Respect. Moving another character is an act of violence.. in this text based environment. As a regular character, you have many choices facing you, when dealing with a rude guest. You can @gag the guest (do remember to @ungag that #nnn). If they are in your room, you may @eject them and lock your room. You can also @refuse pages and mail from them.

Using the player @boot is preferable to moving the guest. It presents a quick, non-violent response to continued inappropriate behavior on the part of the guest. It also leaves a message in the log file, so that a wizard can block that site, or take other measures as appropriate. Moving a guest only encourages them to use the same measures, once they get a character here. Violence only breeds violence.

Guest characters now report when and where there are moved. Anyone who moves a guest will receive a warning note as shown below. You have a chance to communicate and explain your behavior, but be warned that such behavior will not be tolerated on BayMOO.


I have been notified that you moved a guest to #666. This behavior is not in keeping with BayMOOs Rule of Respect. Any further behaviour of this kind will result in your being separated from BayMOO for a period of 5 days. Further abuse could result in permanent separation.