News: Compromise

Author: Dr.J
Last Update: Thursday, December 21 1995

At 10:00 am, Thursday 21, I received an alarm that our firewall
at Broderbund Software was suffereing an attack from a user on Simon is BayMOO's 'little brother' machine. All
mail that goes in and out of BayMOO, actually passes through simon.

It appears that the intruder ran a 'packet sniffing' program on simon;
this means that all ethernet traffic to and from BayMOO, and many other
machines on the San Francisco State network was being watched and

It is IMPERATIVE that you change your passwords here on BayMOO; if
you have the same BayMOO password as any other account you posses
on the Internet, it is also wise that you change it too. If you have
any questions, please email me:

To change your password, type: @password oldpassword newpassword.

- Jeremy Cooper
- Aka Dr.J