News: New Quota Utilities

Author: Rat
Last Update: Saturday, July 13 1996

I have installed a 1.8.0 friendly quota utilities that uses the more specific value of your quota usage. This uses the new built-in function, value_bytes().

The difference for you:

The quota usuage is more specific, much less guessing (as the former system did).
Some people's usage will go up, some will go down.

A bit of trivia (so you can see why it might be harder to get extra quota):

Quotas Summary:
Quota usage: 47825912b 46704K 45Mb.
Allocated quota: 85625263b 83618K 81Mb.
Unused quota: 37799351b 36913K 36Mb.

Wizards usage: 9577135b 9352K 9Mb.

Update: 7/13/96:

After alot of people wondering where their quota is going, and 90% of the cases being they have ALOT of mail, I changed @quota to tell ya how much space your mail is taking up.

Hope you find this helpful.

--Rk, 7/13/96