News: Conflict Resolution

Author: hunter
Last Update: Friday, September 20 1996

Despite BayMOO's Rule of Respect, conflicts between players can and
will occur. To keep an unresolvable dispute from turning into
harassment, try to follow these steps:
(1.) Discuss the problem and try to resolve the issues in question.
(2.) Do not use name calling and foul language to make your point.
It simply does not work.
(3.) Do not threaten the other person. If you are the recipient of
threats or other abusive behavior from another player you have
several options:
* Use @gag on the player.
* Use @refuse on the player.
* You can log the behavior of the person and MOOmail it to *wiz.
Complaints are much easier for us to verify and handle if we
can see first hand what the problem is. Use this as a last
resort. Once you have @refused and @gagged the person, all
communication from that player is terminated. If you choose
not to use these tools, you can become a willing victim of