News: New Help System

Author: Ranger
Last Update: Sunday, June 4 1995

Due to the large population of BayMOO, and repeated incidents of newbie's
becoming helpers and confusing (or insulting) people, the Janitors of
BayMOO have installed a new setup for the helper system.

As a result, everyone has been removed from the helper list, this is by
no means permenant, or as a result of poor volunteers. The BayMOO Janitors
would like to extend an gracious thank you to those that have been faithful
helpers through out BayMOO's history.

This new system is to insure that such an excellent level of helpers remain
as BayMOO grows, and more 'jerk' type people notice BayMOO.

What changes with the new helper system?
With this new Helper system, people interested in becoming a helper must
meet with a wiz, and talk request a helper status. Once the Wiz approves, s/he
will make you a helper, which send you a form letter about being a helper,
and a general, thanks for your interest.
As a helper, you will 1) show up in the @helpers list. 2) be able to set a
badge of expertise. Basicly, an area that you'd prefer to do help others in.

Badge Duties
----- -----------------------------------------------------
Intro You are willing to show a complete newbie around,
and explain to them what a MOO is, and how to survive.
Basics You are willing to assist new comers and help them get
their feet wet in the world of MOO.
Building You are willing to answer questions about the quirks of
building virtual objects.
Programming You are willing to assist people with Programming
General You feel comfortable helping anyone with any topic.

As a helper, you can withdraw yourself from the @helpers list, at any time.
You can type: @busy on, this will temporarily remove you from the list.
Once you disconnect, the busy status will be reset.

Finally, EVERYONE, will have access to the @helpers verb, which lists online
helpers, Idle time, and their field of helping.
Please report all bugs to Ranger, if you have a complaint or wish to become
a helper, feel free to contact any of the wiz team.